Agrocom’s mission is to strengthen Indian Farmers and Growers by using new Green Technologies as a catalyst and bring out the potential of our growers to (a) compete in global markets and lead them (b) with reduced inputs costs and (c) using lesser chemicals in our environment.

“When farmers get more from their land, when they understand global markets better, when they can produce niche products for different markets, that’s when India will really turn around. Poverty will really be alleviated when Indian farmers become more productive. And technology has the greatest chance to do that in the shortest time.”

– Thomas L. Friedman in an Interview with Outlook in 2005 on India’s boom

Agrocom Software Technologies Pvt. Limited (ASTPL) is a company engaged in the provision of agro-weather network engineering, information technology for remote extension and crop protection and agri-insurance support services. It was conceived at the Developmental Informatics Lab at IIT Bombay which is engaged in IT solutions for rural and small town India and developed aAQUA – a farmers’ portal currently answering questions from farmers in their mother tongue usually within 24 hours. The answers come from public extension experts or from other peers and consultants. In 2006, DIL undertook a major restructuring of its research, wherein its deployment division was demerged. ASTPL was formed consequent to the restructuring process under the aegis of the Society of Innovation & Entrepreneurship which is an equity partner in ASTPL.

ASTPL, the newly formed company, raised finance from SINE to replicate aAQUA infrastructure across the country. ASTPL is engaged in providing infrastructure support to the public and private agri-extension system and Insurance players. The company provides complete infrastructure provisioning services to grower organizations, wineries and contract farming companies including building, maintaining AgroMet Stations (“Akashdoot” i.e SkyMessenger ) and creating a customer base of growers who subscribe to the data.

It also provides shared infrastructure assets and services in the insurance sector and a sales channel for the delivery of customized agri-insurance products. The insurance companies in return pay site infrastructure provisioning charges on monthly or quarterly basis, and a channel-partner brokerage for the sale of agri-insurance products.

ASTPL enables wineries and agri-insurance companies in bringing down the capital expenditure and operational costs. The company operates on the shared infrastructure model and with its grower subscribers, operates a business model similar to telecom companies, making expensive technology affordable to all.

The aAQUA portal – now supported by Agrocom – provides an Internet Channel to communicate with farmers spread acro